CCTV / Access Control


With todays technologies you can now have 24/7 surveillance of your property anywhere in the world viewable through a few clicks on your smart phone.

  • 24 hour surveillance 365 days a year
  • Off premises video backup
  • Live video accessible anywhere in the world via phone
  • Night vision
  • Email alert
  • Motion detection
  • and more...

Access Control

Access control technically includes the time-honored mechanical lock and key that create a sophisticated electronic turnstiles, gates or wireless locks and other barriers.

Keys can be lost, stolen and copied, leaving assets vulnerable and requiring an expensive change of locks. Happily, when an electronic access card is lost or stolen, access rights can be withdrawn immediately, rendering the card inactive. Should thieves gain access before a theft is noticed, operators can identify when they breached security and – if there are multiple access points – where in the building they are at any given time.

Modern access-control systems also offer flexible access rights. For example, while all staff can generally gain access through a building’s main entrance, access to certain internal areas may be restricted to those with relevant authority. Access can also be restricted to specific time periods.

The plastic access card has long been the dominant form of identity verification. While they still govern access for most installed systems, biometric solutions – usually authenticating identity through facial, fingerprint and iris recognition – are becoming more reliable, affordable and widespread.

Here are some examples:-

Fingerprint Reader
Card Reader
Face Recognition
Smart Phone Key